All Saints' Anglican Church, Rome
A growing Christian community in the heart of Rome finding and following Jesus in worship,
fellowship, study and service.
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Listen to some organ music, played by Titular Organist, Gabriele Catalucci Listen to some organ music, played by Titular Organist, Gabriele Catalucci
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Acknowledgements of the Author
(David Palmer - 1981)

My companion Short History contains the major list of those who have helped me in writing this long overdue pair of small books about All Saints'. I must repeat here, however, my indebtedness to the painstaking work of Muriel Talbot Wilson whose HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH CHURCH IN ROME FROM 1816 to 1916 was the only predecessor of my more streamlined offerings.

To this part of my work I feel it appropriate to append my gratitude for the information, judgement and actual researches in the first case, below, given by no less than six men whose discipline is that of architecture:

  • Paul Joyce, long occupied in writing a monograph on A.E.Street.
  • Peter Burman who introduced me to him by post.
  • Spencer Higgins who climbed up inside the spire and there read and copied what its builder had written including its height.
  • Roger France who, on similar personal explorations, also advised about care and maintenance today.
  • Ingegnere Roberto Marta, our consultant, who does this all the time and sees it put into practice.
  • Jeremy Blake, who used very fully a post graduate stay at the British School at Rome, and took time off from his meticulous drawings of Rome's Baroque interiors to do ink cameos of his more native English Gothic especially for this book.

Geraldine Braithwaite likewise made and gave the drawing, which shows the church garden in social use on a summer Sunday. It is not known who made the sketch on the back cover of this guide.

Wijnand van de Pol gave me the current technical details of the organ, sufficient, it is hoped, for the general reader. An 'aficionado' may enquire further on that score, or any other which the book has raised, through the chaplain.

Virginia Valentini introduced me to her trusted printer, and will know the feeling of satisfaction which comes from dealing with people as unusually calm, patient and efficient as ERRE. DI. E. whose address is at the front. Any infelicities in the results may be laid at the door of the "onlie begetter" - David Palmer.

Edited by Barry Spicer and Jonathan Boardman , 2002

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