All Saints' Anglican Church, Rome
A growing Christian community in the heart of Rome finding and following Jesus in worship,
fellowship, study and service.
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Listen to some organ music, played by Titular Organist, Gabriele Catalucci Listen to some organ music, played by Titular Organist, Gabriele Catalucci
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The Mosaics

Further symbols may be seen in the mosaic roundels which are let into the wall above both sides of the nave arcades.

Starting high above the pulpit, working towards the west end, and then forward again down the opposite side, you may distinguish these symbols

East end

An ANGEL with the crown of thorns.
A DOVE (the usual symbol for The Holy Spirit)..


The "I H S", first three
Three letters of "Jesus" in
Greek capitals.

The "CHI RO" symbol, first two
letters of "CH R istos" in Greek.

ALPHA & OMEGA, the first
and last letters of the Greek

THE LAMB & FLAG symbol of Christ's Resurrection
An ANGEL with the NAILS from the cross of Christ.

West end

The Greek tongue hardly ever comes before modern Western Christians in worship, so it is good to be reminded that Greek was the language in which the New Testament was written. Also, It transports us right back to our religious roots in the heyday of an Empire which spoke two different languages, Greek as well as Latin.

That Empire was ruled only a short distance from where All Saints' is privileged to stand. It may also intrigue you to reflect that the Emperor who was the cause of Jesus being born in Bethlehem (see St. Luke's Gospel, chapter 2, verse 1) was buried in 14 AD only a very short walk away.

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